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CBD PTSD Expert David Bonanno

I have discovered so much from talking to my patients and realized that pharmaceuticals do not help people with PTSD symptoms. I did not have to do a formal scientific study to know that. Moreover, I do not trust reports about pharmaceuticals since drug companies mostly do them. I talked to thousands of people firsthand who said that they had tried the medications. Not only were there severe downsides, but they did not work. Cannabis helps them so much more.

DAVID BONANNODAVID BONANNO: I am astounded at how many health issues Cannabis can relieve. However, what about CBD? What is CBD, and in what way can it benefit me? I am grateful for its plusses over Cannabis. It is legal, and you will not get high. It is all in the plant, excluding the THC. It is an impossibility to get adequate CBD only from Cannabis and not be super high while using it. We hear that many medical problems can be solved or prevented by using CBD products, and these oils are the way of the future. I have talked to my patients about CBD with mixed results. If CBD products mostly contain all the beneficial substances from the plant, except for THC, then why would the effects be any different from those of cannabis? It is doubtless because people are getting CBD with unreliable levels of quality and they may not be consuming it most effectively.

Moreover, they do not know much about CBD and are not certain of what to expect. However, with cannabis, they get high and can have that experience. CBD is officially authorized in all 50 states and is thought to be a nutrition item.

Being considered a nutrition item is an indication of how benign CBD is. However, regrettably, like many supplements, it is not controlled, which means that anyone can put whatever in a container and call it CBD. The drawback for prospective consumers is that there are no particularly trustworthy brands of CBD. It is entirely new to general awareness, and manufacturers can’t market it online, which means the best product cannot become well known. Google and other search engines connect it with marijuana and consequently want nothing to do with it. People who buy CBD get it from gas stations and bong stores. They often have no idea about the potency or quality. Even if they get it from health food, there is no guarantee it is a quality product.

People with PTSD struggle with realizing whom to trust because they know how many untruthful people exist. But they believe Bonanno Mental Healthcare and me. We aspire for our patients to have the ability to get high-grade CBD that can be bought at a reasonable price with confidence. We have been associated with CBDEssence.net for more than a year and a half. When I spoke with the founder and president of the company, Don Ballou,  the man impressed me. Don is passionate about nutrition and everything that goes into his body and has an intense aspiration to help people. Don related to me that he uses the best class of Colorado hemp. Don used the word “bioavailable” a plethora of times. Ballou understands that putting substances in your body is not sufficient. One must have the correct delivery system. Don is determined that his products be as effectual as achievable.

Every week it seems like I hear about another medical disorder that CBD can remedy. Don has a theory about why cannabis and CBD products are so useful for so many different problems. He believes it is because they normalize every organ system in our bodies. Pharmaceuticals may adjust specific levels of this or that higher or lower, but CBD promotes homeostasis, which is the capability to maintain equilibrium, which is sensible. I find that consuming it can invigorate me when I have less energy, or it can relax me if I am over-anxious, excited, or having problems sleeping. I am still a rather new user of CBD but I seek to get benefits from the resource and trace how it is helping me. It is best to take more significant doses at first to let it accumulate in the body. Then it is possible to taper back and take only a small amount while still experiencing the medical advantages. Several people designate CBD to be “the supreme health food.”

Indeed, I will not be able to tell what kind of problems CBD is preventing, but I have already had an extraordinary occurrence. I attended a social engagement where I would see some people I did not wish to see. I was consumed about it for a month and pictured everything that might go wrong, like most anyone with PTSD would. I desired something for my nervousness but not a pharmaceutical. I likewise did not want to be high. I wanted to be clear-headed. Therefore, I took two of Don’s taffy candies, and I could not believe how relaxed I was and still totally coherent as well. It was fantastic. I was communicative and self-possessed and I drove home with a smile on my face. I am going to start taking CBD regularly and then I will check back in with you. For us PTSD persons, I think that in addition to aiding us in staying even-keeled overall, taking a fast-acting dosage of CBD in the form of a bioavailable oil while stressed could be enormously helpful. I will let you know what I discover.

Doctor Bonanno endorses and trusts CBD Essence products. The doctor believes there are unconventional answers to traditional mental health therapies, Medical Marijuana and CBD are not a cure. They are an aid, and NOT for everyone! However, CBD is a form of hemp that does not include the THC. Doctor Bouanno does not vouch for or sanction any particular product. He does not provide any medical, psychological, psychiatric services, or advice. He encourages people to seek the help of a physician or other qualified health provider when any questions that may arise. At no time, ignore professional medical advice or delay in getting this help because of something you have read on this website.

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