Producing high-quality, pure, and 100% natural CBD oil


Since 2014, We've been excited about helping people lead healthier and happier lives. Our main goal is to provide the most consistent and best CBD oil. We focus on producing high-quality, pure, and 100% natural CBD oil made daily in small batches to maintain the highest quality and consistency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality CBD products that guarantee consistent efficacy and trusted ingredients. CBD Essence was founded on the principle of providing our customers with simply-made and effective CBD products.

We use a “small batch” approach when making our products as well as all-natural ingredients and standardized manufacturing processes. The result is a quality product that has the highest absorption and potency on the market and is free of harmful contaminants and additives.

Unlike Most CBD Companies

Unlike most companies on the market that play mostly intermediary roles, CBD Essence includes a full production cycle of CBD oil. This means that we research, produce, third-party lab-test and sell products.

Therefore, by choosing CBD Essence, you can be sure that you get what you paid for and that the high-quality criteria we claim are definitely met. As CBD continues to be recognized for its many therapeutic qualities and medical implications, CBD Essence provides customers with the finest CBD oils on the market while keeping the utmost transparency in our processing.

Our Commitment

 We’re health nuts, and will never stop being committed to improving the health of our customers. The CBD products we create are the same products we use and believe in.


Founder & Chief of Manufacturing


B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology founded CBD Essence in 2014, life-long experience in health & wellness, nutrition, & health food research. CBD, he personally names is his healthy calling.


Wife of Don Ballou, Student at University of South Florida majoring in Psychology & Nutrition, joined CBD Essence in late 2017, with 10+ years of experience in healthcare, health & wellness, and nutrition.
Managing Partner


Started with CBD Essence Inc. in 2017. Career entrepreneur & technologist with 2 successful exits w/8 years of experience in start-up operations, marketing, and digital strategy. He also served as a PowerApps PM for Microsoft Corporation.


CBD Essence was founded by Don Ballou in 2015. Don spent 30 years of his life fighting with symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which included aggression, absent-mindedness, difficulty focusing, anger, anxiety, and even depression. CBD oil, which he personally names his “healthy calling,” has finally led him to get rid of the symptoms and start living the full life he dreamed about EVERY SINGLE DAY. But what Don has discovered during his journey and research is that it takes more than just hemp to call the product “natural” and be able to affect your body in a positive way —

— You have to make sure that the CBD extraction method does not include chemicals (ethanol, etc). The most safe and effective way to get CBD oil from hemp is through CO2 extraction, though, it is usually more expensive than other methods and is rare on the market.

— There is a way to make your body absorb CBD oil better and have it be more effective in solving your physical or emotional problems. It is possible with the special colloidal emulsion, but once again, as Don discovered, the manufacturers are trying to lower the cost of their products without worrying about the quality.

— The lifetime of NATURAL products is much shorter compared with products that are filled with chemicals. Customers should receive it fresh for the strongest effect. Our product never leaves the factory for older than 24 hours.

With low awareness about CBD, Don discovered that many companies used (and still use) the cheapest technologies to produce oil that carries nothing but placebo effects.

This is what led him to the creation of CBD Essence – a company that produces natural, high-quality, and fresh CBD products on every stage while still keeping the gold-standard level on the market.

Don Ballou

By being the person who needs CBD oil on a daily basis and understanding all the problems people face from the inside, I was able to create a special formula for the CBD Essence oil that is simple, pure, and without any supplements that are so common among similar products. We make a specific colloidal emulsion that combines the CBD oil with the coconut oil in such a way that the coconut oil protects the CBD through the stomach acid. As a result, it delivers CBD molecules more intact where they’ll get readily absorbed.

Today, I feel happy and fulfilled by the fact that I can live an active and healthy life from the inside out and help people achieve the same by using CBD Essence products that really make an impact


It is projected that the CBD market will hit $22 billion by 2022. You would not want to miss an opportunity to become a part of one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. We made sure you could benefit from this business even without investing millions of dollars into production.

We are happy to announce that CBD Essence is now providing the following types of partnership:


We offer turnkey solutions for individual and corporate clients that will allow you to start and grow your online and offline CBD oil business in any form you are comfortable with – whether it is just providing you with CBD oils with your brand on it, building the complete CBD business on your behalf, or giving you an opportunity to benefit from CBD Essence product sales through an affiliate link on your website, social media, or other platforms.