Producing High-Quality, Pure, and 100% Natural CBD Oil


Don founded CBD Essence because during his research he discovered that many companies were using cheap technologies and harmful chemicals to mass-produce “CBD oil” that was ineffective and unsafe. 

Don decided that his CBD company was only going to use the best manufacturing practices to produce the highest-quality CBD regardless of cost. So he invested in the cleanest processing method called “CO2 Extraction,” and then decided that his company would only ship CBD to customers within 24 hours of it being processed. The results were a CBD product that is the freshest, most natural CBD on the market and is also the most potent and absorbable. 


Our main goal is to provide the most consistent and best CBD oil. We focus on producing high-quality, pure, and 100% natural CBD oil made daily in small batches to maintain the highest quality and consistency.

Our Mission

We won’t make it until you buy it! Our “small batch” approach to CBD manufacturing not only ensures the quality and the consistency of our CBD oil, but it also makes sure that what you receive is the freshest and the most potent and absorbable CBD oil available on the market today.

The Original Small Batch CBD Company

Founded in 2014, CBD Essence bears the imprint of Don Ballou, a visionary who identified troubling practices in the early CBD industry. Witnessing companies prioritize profit over quality, Don observed the use of fillers and harmful additives that compromised the effectiveness of products for financial gain. As a dedicated daily CBD user himself, he felt a personal commitment to ensuring customer safety and product efficacy. This commitment led Don to create CBD Essence, a brand rooted in the promise of delivering superior, quality-focused CBD products that prioritize customer well-being over short-term gains.

What sets CBD Essence apart is its unwavering dedication to delivering freshness. With a promise to process products within 24 hours of shipment, CBD Essence ensures that every customer receives the highest quality product. This pledge to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction has solidified CBD Essence as a trusted and customer-centric choice in the flourishing CBD market.

And if you aren’t 100% satisfied with any of our products, you can return them for a refund up to 4 weeks after their arrival. No CBD company has been trusted to produce high-quality CBD longer than CBD Essence. Give us a try today!


Founder & Chief of Manufacturing


B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology founded CBD Essence in 2014, life-long experience in health & wellness, nutrition, & health food research. CBD, he personally names this his calling.


Wife of Don Ballou, Student at University of South Florida majoring in Psychology & Nutrition, joined CBD Essence in late 2017, with 10+ years of experience in healthcare, health & wellness, and nutrition.
Managing Partner


Started with CBD Essence Inc. in 2017. Career entrepreneur & technologist with 2 successful exits w/8 years of experience in start-up operations, marketing, and digital strategy. He also served as a PowerApps PM for Microsoft Corporation.

Don Ballou

Being a daily CBD oil user myself, I intimately understood the challenges people encounter. This insight drove me to craft a unique formula for CBD Essence oil that is uncomplicated, pure, and free from the additives often found in similar products. Our distinctive colloidal emulsion technique skillfully blends CBD oil with coconut oil, offering dual benefits. Notably, the coconut oil acts as a safeguard, ensuring the CBD remains shielded from stomach acid. Consequently, this innovation enables the delivery of CBD molecules in a more protected state for enhanced absorption.