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6 Reasons Why CBD should be Considered a Health Food


According to data from a recent study, the CBD market is poised to potentially reach $16 billion by 2025. But one does not have to be a market analyst to know that the CBD market is booming. Everyone and their great aunt seem to be taking CBD – or at least talking about it, and a plethora of CBA infused products are coming onto the scene. From moisturizers to meringues, CBD is suddenly everywhere. And guess what? There is a good reason for this explosion of CBD and its entourage of products. Because it holds such a number of highly useful benefits – CBD is a health food.

If you haven’t yet found out about the health benefits of CBD then you are missing out. CBD could solve a number of health issues, like PTSD, and can solve a number of health issues in a natural and holistic way, with few to no side effects.

If you want to take advantage of all the solutions that CBD can provide, then read on. Because we are about to share with you the potential top 7 benefits that could make CBD a veritable health food.

1. It Tackles Inflammation Throughout the Body
One of the highly beneficial effects that CBD oil has is that it targets and addresses inflammation throughout the body. Heightened levels of inflammation are associated with the root of most chronic disease and ailments, which makes CBD a powerful ally to have if you are dealing with things like autoimmune issues, fibromyalgia, and Chron’s disease.

2. It’s an Anxiety Buster
If you have ever battled with anxiety, you will be happy to know that CBD is also an anxiety buster. Up until now, anxiety and depression have mostly been treated with prescription drugs which can, unfortunately, come with a boatload of side effects and are notoriously hard to get off of.
In comparison, CBD is nonaddictive, virtually side effect free, and has been scientifically proven to provide results.

3. It Can Halt Acne
Although not as debilitating, severe acne can be as hard to treat as anxiety. This is another problem that CBD is showing signs of being able to alleviate. Studies have shown that CBD has a regulatory effect on the skin’s sebum production, which is thought to be the root cause of acne.

4. It Turns Your Fat Brown
Another exciting area where CBD can be of benefit is for healthy weight loss. Research has shown that CBD acts on white fat cells (sluggish and inactive fat cells designed for long-term storage) converting them into brown fat cells (active fat cells that are readily burnt by the body). This action of CBD makes it a full-on fat burner!

5. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
With high blood sugar levels on the rise, another huge area of benefit that CBD oil has is that it can lower blood sugar levels and significantly reduce the risk of diabetes. Although human trials are yet to be down, one study’s results showed that CBD reduced the risk of diabetes in mice by a whopping 56%.

6. It’s a Side Effect Free Pain Reliever
One of CBD’s most well-known uses is that of being a painkiller. But how effective is CBD at relieving pain – given that it is natural?
Well, in a survey containing 2400 participants, 42% of people using CBD to relieve pain reported that they had completely stopped pharmaceutical pain drugs.

CBD Is a Health Food – and a Powerful One at That
Taking all these sought after benefits into consideration, one has to admit that CBD is a health food – and a pretty powerful one too! CBD Essence is a family run company and we use technology and a farm-to-table approach to create artisanal CBD products that are as good as produce you can buy at the market.

If you want to take advantage of any of the uses that CBD has, then be sure to check out our line of CBD products, and see why CBD Essence is a family run company and we use technology and a farm-to-table approach to create artisanal CBD products

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