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Thank you for your additional interest in the high quality, bulk  CBD Wholesale products by NutraHemp Corp.  If you are considering an investment in one of the highest rated bulk CBD oil products on the market, it would be our pleasure to assist you with meeting and exceeding your goals.  We will supply you with the same extraordinary hemp oil CBD products we sell on our websites, including, but not limited to, “Hemp Chill Pill,” “CBD Essence,” “Hemps Elixir,” “Hemps Pets,” and “Hemp Taffy.”  You will be receiving the full backing and experience of a highly rated CBD manufacturer, with our well–designed bulk CBD oil alternatives to medical marijuana.  If you have associates or affiliates looking for legal medical marijuana products anywhere in the U.S., CBD Essence will be able to fulfill your needs, while exceeding your expectations.  Many patients in need of medical marijuana simply do not qualify and require Medicinal Hemp as an extremely effective alternative. These same people become perfect prospects for completely legal medicinal hemp oil and bulk CBD oil products designed and created by NutraHemp Corp.  Our bulk CBD hemp oil products include CBD edibles, CBD oil capsules, and CBD oil tinctures, including mouth drops that are rated as one of the best on the market!  One of the reasons our products are always rated so highly because they’re made in small apothecary style batches, with extraordinary Q.C.  It is vitally important for you to feel completely comfortable, with the full knowledge that our bulk Hemp CBD Oil Products never allow THC to enter the body.

NutraHemp Corp is a leading supplier of hemp extract and wholesale CBD online!  We specialize in wholesale service for CBD hemp oil products, including a second to none dropship service and private custom labels, with consistent 3rd party laboratory (COA) test results available.